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AZEX offers a wide range of advanced services, baiting, and humane trapping techniques for total rodent elimination. We start by thoroughly inspecting your home or business, looking for the root cause of the infestation, and then develop a remediation and exclusion plan to solve the current problem and keep mice, rats, and pack rats from entering your property down the road.

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From Gophers, Packrats, Mice, and Norway rats, to Roof Rats, we offer  residential and commercial control solutions for all.  We use only the safest, environmentally responsible methods.  

Proper identification is crucial to eliminate any rodent problem, and a professional inspection is the best way to ensure the most effective extermination method is used. After rodents have been identified, a detailed treatment plan will be created and executed ASAP! 


Schedule an inspection with a rodent removal specialist today to receive expert advice and a full explanation of your treatment options.

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Left unchecked, two adult rats can be responsible for the birth of up to 15,000 descendants after a year. In other words, all it takes is two rats to bring an infestation back to its original size or larger. ContraPest works by counteracting this rebound effect, significantly reducing their ability to reproduce. Once deployed, your furry foes’ departure is simply a matter of time.

ContraPest is the first EPA-registered contraceptive for both male and female rats developed by rat fertility control scientists to create healthy environments by virtually eliminating rat pest populations. 

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