There are many methods and businesses that promise to kill bed bugs.  Some methods require chemicals being dumped into your home, other require many hours of cleaning and discarding furniture to get rid of the pests.  While all of these countess DIY options promise to kill bed bugs, the truth remains that these treatments are not very accurate.  Many people are still left with a bed bug problem after many DIY applications and inexperienced chemical treatments that can even allow the infestation to grow and spread to other rooms.  Do you really want to spend months and 100’s of dollars trying to get rid of bed bugs?  There is a safe and easy way to kill bugs by hiring a professional bed bug exterminator that offers heat treatments.  AZEX Pest Solutions offers the revolutionary and eco-friendly AZEX Heat treatment.  By using a professional service you can get rid of the bugs in as little as one treatment.

Why you should hire AZEX Pest Solutions and forget those DIY treatments

Safety FirstA few months ago headlines in Detroit read,  “ Woman trying to kill bed bugs sets apartment building ablaze”.  A well-meaning woman was trying to heat her apartment to kill the infestation of bed bugs that also lived there.  She also used some other DIY treatments including dousing the floor of her apartment with alcohol.   She turned up the furnace, turned on the oven and spread flammable liquids in her small apartment in hopes of killing the bugs.  The building caught fire destroying the living space and belongings of many residents.  Thankfully no people died in the fire!

DIY treatments can be dangerous!  The woman mentioned above had received treatments from an inexperienced exterminator without any luck of eliminating the bugs, so she turned to DIY treatments that ended up destroying her home.  Don’t waste your time, money, and not to mention put your health and safety at risk with ineffective bed bug treatments.  Azex Pest Solutions uses a safe method of applying heat to the affected area using EPA registered heaters that actually improve the air quality as it kills the bugs.


Azex Pest Solutions is Arizona’s oldest, safest, and most experienced bed bug extermination & heat treatment company.   AZEX knows how to kill bed bugs!  Call us today and ask about our AZEX Bed Bug Heat  process and schedule your inspection.  Azex will come up with a custom plan to eliminate all of the bugs in the fastest and most accurate method available.  Call at 877-445-2847 or visit our website at