Each year thousands and thousands of dollars are spent cleaning up after pests birds.  Pigeons love to nest and roost on buildings, in parking garages, on rooftops, and balconies.  Their feces is extremely acidic and can erode building materials, damage paint and cause other damages to your home or business.

With regular Pigeon Control treatments from Azex Pest Solutions, you can save money on all the repairs below buy simply keeping the birds off your property.  The longer birds are allowed to nest or roost in an area, the harder it will be to get them to leave.  It’s important to take a proactive approach with regular treatments, clean up and policy enforcement.

With Azex Pest Solutions never worry about these costly repairs and issues again!

Health Risks

Bird droppings can carry diseases and parasites.  Don’t put your family, friends, and customers at risk, let alone pay for the expensive medical and lawsuit bills that a contaminated area could cause.

Inventory Damage

Bird droppings can damage your products and contaminate the production of your business.  Inventory could be permanently damaged, resulting in hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in lost products only due to a few birds and their droppings.

Damaged Reputation

A building covered in bird feces is unattractive and will cause customers to avoid your business.  The related health risks can put your business at risk for negative reviews, health code violations, and sometimes unrepairable reputation damages.

Clean up

Clean up efforts often require a daily or weekly commitment which can be a colossal waste of money and workforce.  Keep your employees productive and working toward making your company more successful….not cleaning up after birds!

Work Stoppages

Employees should not work in areas where pigeon droppings have built up.  As mentioned above, bird droppings can carry diseases and can cause unsafe working conditions.  If one of your employees becomes sick due to an ignored bird problem, your business will most likely be liable.  Not to mention having to close areas of your building will hurt your productivity.

Fall Risks

Bird droppings can be very slippery.  Customer, friends, family, employees…even you could be at risk for injury if bird droppings aren’t properly cleaned up.  By reducing the bird population, you can reduce the risk of fall and injury liability.

Clogged Drains

Birds make their nests from garbage and materials that could clog your gutters and drain systems.  This can cause a multitude of problems and can be costly to fix

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