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Arizona Cockroach | AZEX Pest Solutions

Perpetual Pest Protection

Even though a one-time treatment may alleviate your immediate pest problem, ongoing treatments will ensure that your home or business is protected throughout the year. We feature monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and yearly pest elimination plans for the convenience of our customers. Typically, our bi-monthly plans consist of targeted power sprays and cobweb services reducing our customers’ risk of coming in contact with chemicals and providing a cheaper, more effective pest elimination solution.

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Commercial Pest Control | AZEX Pest Arizona

Commercial Pest Control

We offer specialized pest solutions for any business.  From proactive bed bug inspections and treatments, to rodent and pigeon control we have your business covered.  Call today for a custom quote for your property. If you own a multi-family housing complex the CAP program might me right for you. The CAP program is a DIY and professional service program specifically for the needs of the multi-family housing industry. 

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Arizona Scorpions | AZEX Pest Solutions

Residential Pest Control

Pests in your home or work place can make for unbearable conditions. AZEX Pest Solutions can help you eliminate these pests by using safe, virtually odor free products at reasonable prices. We understand that conventional pest control procedures may not control your pests and in some cases can actually make things worse. At AZEX we specialize in identifying all species of insects and discerning the most effective methods for eliminating them.

We are experienced in eliminating rodents, bed bugs, scorpions, fleas and ticks, pigeons, carpenter ants, termites, Norway rats, roof rats, honey bees, africanized bees, carpenter bees, wasps, hornets, fire ants, sugar ants, mice, and many more.

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Termites | AZEX Pest Solutions

Termite Treatment

Arizona is crawling with Subterranean and Drywood termites. If you suspect a termite infestation in your home, contact us quickly to schedule your free, no obligation termite inspection. If we find anything, we will provide you with a detailed diagram explaining where termites are active on your property as well as the step-by-step method we will use to treat and protect your home.

Life Time Warranty Renewal and Price Lock on all full structure subterranean termite services. (Renewals never go up / Renewal starts after 5 years)! If you have termite activity, we’ll provide a treatment plan, quote, warranty information, and with your approval we will schedule prompt treatment if needed.

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Arizona Bees | AZEX Pest Solutions

Bee Removal

Bees can be a major problem for the residents of Arizona. Whether they are the garden variety, European Honey Bee or the increasingly more common Africanized “Killer Bee” Hybrids, AZEX Pest Solutions has you covered. Our goal is to provide bee removal and remediation services using the most environmentally friendly methods available. We can remove bees from walls, roofs and chimneys as well as swarms on bushes and trees

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Arizona Rodents | AZEX Pest Solutions

Rodent Control

Effective control of rats and mice is a critical element for Arizona homes and commercial properties.  Pack rats alone cause millions in damages in Arizona every year through their nesting and gnawing within an unprotected engine compartment.  Mice and rats can be constantly slipping into your home or business seeking shelter, food, and water.  Call now if a rodent infestation is suspected or found, AZEX Pest Solutions has several safe and highly effective treatment and prevention measures for fast rat and mice removal.

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AZEX Pest Solutions | pigeon control Certified

Pigeon Control

Pigeons, like many other animals, have routines and behaviors that they repeat over and over.  This includes where and when they gather, nest and roost.  Getting animals to do what you want them to (or not to do) required patience and understanding for the species and their behavior patterns.  Working with the animals to change their behaviors will help keep them off your property for GOOD! Offering services for Residential and Commercial customers!

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