Should You Start Doing Your Own Pest Control?

Should You Start Doing Your Own Pest Control?

The DIY movement in America has exploded in the last few decades.  More and more Americans enjoy the occasional DIY project around the house, like fixing a leaky faucet, or building a garden bed.     However, there are some DIY projects that should be left to the professionals.  Is pest control one of those things that should be left up to the pros?  The answer is simple; it depends on what type of pest you’re trying to get rid of.  Some pests can be easily treated at home, like seeing a few ants or a bee here and there.  Professionals aren’t needed in those situations.  However, if you see termites near your foundation or bed bugs in your home, that’s a job for a pro!!

Here are some factors to consider before you decide to DIY your next pest treatment.


Pest Sprays

DIY – While a trip to the hardware store is fast and easy, the pest sprays you find there are not very useful.  Many pest sprays are not rated for all the pests listed in the label, even though they advertise that they are valid.  This is especially true for bed bugs!  These chemicals can also be quite dangerous if not applied correctly and in well-ventilated areas.

Professional – The chemicals used by pest professionals are highly effective against common indoor and outdoor pests.  In Arizona, it’s common to use these sprays for centipedes, scorpions, spiders, and other common pests.  The professionals are trained to administer these chemicals in a safe and responsible way.


Heat Treatments

DIY – There are many DIY heat treatment options out there claiming to be successful against a bed bug infestation.  The truth is, if you have a bed bug problem, you can’t afford to mess around.  AZEX Pest Solutions is at the forefront of the new DIY Heat Treatment movement, and, in partner with and we are now able to offer the highest quality professional grade heat equipment rentals to any DIY’er that have a bed bug problem.  And the best part, it could be done for just $99/day.  Click here for more info

Professional – Don’t want to DIY a heat treatment, no problem.  The AZEX team of trained technicians are standing by to perform advanced heat treatments that will get rid of bed bugs quickly.  Professional heat treatments add a level of security, knowing that your treatment is being conducted by a trained pro that has completed hundreds of heat treatments and knows exactly what to look for.  Professional heat treatments often come with a warranty or guarantee as well, something that you won’t get with a DIY treatment method.


Rodents & Bees

DIY – treatment and/or removal of rodents and bees can be very dangerous.  Not only are you risking sickness and injury, but the problem could also be hidden, and performing a DIY treatment would cause the problem to get worse.  Likewise, trying to remove a bee colony can result in hundreds of stings and even hospitalization.  Please do not try to solve your rodent infestation or bee problem using DIY methods.

Professional – When it comes to these creatures, a professional is the only way to go.  The professionals at AZEX Pest Solutions has advanced tools and techniques to safely remove a bee or rodent problem from your home or property.  Keep yourself and your family safe, leave these jobs to the pros.


Whether you’re ready to DIY your bed bug heat treatments or call in the pros to treat for pests, AZEX Pest Solutions has everything you need.  Give us a call at 877-445-2847 to schedule a treatment or heater rental.

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