Summer is quickly approaching and with the warmer weather comes BUGS!  Azex is here to help you relax and be able to enjoy soaking up the sun, by keeping your home or business bug free.  We offer a variety of services that covers all of Arizona’s bug problems.


Ants can be an extremely annoying and disruptive problem.  We treat all types of ants including, fire ants, sugar ants, crazy ants, thief ants, odorous house ants, carpenter ants and MORE!  Call us for more information and to receive a treatment quote.


Bees can be a major problem for residential and commercial customers.  We use environmentally friendly methods to remove bees from walls, roofs, chimneys, and trees.  We provide same day service in many areas and usually have a response time of one hour.  We have state certified technicians that are experienced with all types of bee removals.

Bed Bugs:

While bed bugs are a “year-round” pest, they are most likely to move or spread while it is warm outside.  Bed bugs aren’t picky and can live just about anywhere in your home or business.  Azex specializes in eco-friendly, quick, and effective solutions for bed bugs.  For more information about our advanced bed bug treatments see our heat treatment article and our bed bug heat treatment information page


Cockroaches are known as one of the “hardest-to-kill” bugs in the world.  It is said that they even can survive a nuclear blast.  Because of this, many people with cockroach problems panic when they realize that roaches have invaded their home.  If you have German, American, Oriental, or any other kind of Cockroach, DON’T FRET!  Azex has your back!  We will keep those nasty pests away and give you peace of mind!


Scorpion bites can be painful and dangerous.  Some scorpions, such as the bark scorpion, which is native to Arizona, can be life-threatening especially to young children!  Keep your family and friends safe by scheduling routine pest sprays.  For more information about scorpions visit our article “Get a Head Start on Scorpions”.


Termites are destructive and can cause major damage if not treated properly and quickly.  Azex offers lifetime renewals and price lock on all full structure subterranean termite services.  If you suspect termites are living on your property or in your home/business call us today.  We will provide you with a detailed diagram and step-by-step method to treat the problem and protect your home.


As you can see Azex Pest Solutions has the experience and knowledge to solve your pest problems.  No-matter how big, bad or complex your pest issues are, we can handle it.  Azex uses the industry leading pest elimination technology and offers un-paralleled customer support.

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