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Azex Bed Bug Dog Boot Camp

AZEX Pest Control Arizona | K9 Detection

Dogs have been used for their wide range of smelling abilities for decades.  From drug to bomb detection, k-9 units are an essential tool in many law enforcement efforts.  Some species of canines have been shown to contain over 300 million scent receptors in their nose (compared to humans 30 million).  These scent receptors help them track scents in the rain, mud, and snow while distinguishing even the smallest differences.

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DIY Pest Inspection Guide

AZEX Pest | DIY Pest Inspection Guide

The very first step in any pest control program is inspecting the environment where pest activity is suspected.  Identifying problem areas around your home can also help in preventing future pest problems as well.

Here are some tips to perform a successful pest inspection:

  1. Inspect problem areas that can attract pests
    1. Are there tree branches or bushes touching the structure?
    2. In there dense or tall weeds or grass on the property?
    3. Is there pine needles or mulch covering the ground?
    4. Do you have standing water or overly moist areas near your home?
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How to Stay Bed Bug Free in Your New Home or Apartment

AZEX Pest Arizona | Staying Bed Bug Free

Are you planning to move this year?  Are you buying a new home or moving into a new rental or apartment?  These times can be very stressful, especially if you unintentionally walk into a bed bug infestation!  AZEX Pest Solutions is here to help you keep your moving experience bug free by offering K-9 inspections and heat treatments.

6 tips to make sure that you stay bed bug free throughout your move:

  1. Schedule a K-9 inspection before you purchase a home or sign a lease agreement.  A pre-inspection will tell you if bed bugs are hiding in the walls, under carpets or in cracks and crevices in the walls where it is difficult to see.  If bed bugs are detected during the inspection, a heat treatment can be applied to eliminate the bugs.
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Misidentifying Bed Bugs Is a Common Problem

AZEX Pest Arizona | Finding Bed Bugs

Because of the rise in bed bug infestations highlighted in the news, many Americans are on the look-out for bed bugs wherever they go.  When a person sees a bug they don’t know, especially if it is on their bed, many will misidentify it as a bed bug. People also have been known to wake with unexplained bites and jump to the conclusion that they have bed bugs, when in reality they just got bitten by a mosquito the night before and didn’t realize.  Misidentifying other bugs as bed bugs can cost hundreds in unneeded treatments and inspections.

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Bed Bug Awareness Week 2016: Azex Pest Solutions, Is Keeping Bed Bugs Away!

AZEX Pest Arizona | Bed Bug Awareness

Last year for Bed Bug Awareness Week we talked about general bed bugs facts and tips to keep bed bugs from hitching a ride home with you.  You can read that article here.  This year we want to raise awareness about bed bugs by educating the public about ways to kill and detect bed bugs that actually work.  So many people either don’t treat the problem or try dangerous DIY treatments because of lack of money or knowledge.  By reading this article we hope to shed some light on just how easy bed bug elimination can be with the right exterminator.

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Safe Heat Treatments

Safe Heat treatments | AZEX Pest Arizona

There are many methods and businesses that promise to kill bed bugs.  Some methods require chemicals being dumped into your home, other require many hours of cleaning and discarding furniture to get rid of the pests.  While all of these countess DIY options promise to kill bed bugs, the truth remains that these treatments are not very accurate.  Many people are still left with a bed bug problem after many DIY applications and inexperienced chemical treatments that can even allow the infestation to grow and spread to other rooms.  Do you really want to spend months and 100’s of dollars trying to get rid of bed bugs?  There is a safe and easy way to kill bugs by hiring a professional bed bug exterminator that offers heat treatments.  AZEX Pest Solutions offers the revolutionary and eco-friendly Steriheat treatment.  By using a professional service you can get rid of the bugs in as little as one treatment.

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Bed Bugs! Who’s Responsible?

KB SyndromeAs the bed bug epidemic grows logarithmically throughout the state; specific laws and regulations are being formulated to deal with many of the questions of responsibility.  Arizona, in some ways has taken steps to address the question through the Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act  via state law.  The original proposed bill (SB 1306) really did a great job addressing many of the concerns tenants and property owners were and are still facing in Arizona.  Most importantly the proposed bill contained the provision : “UNLESS THE LANDLORD IS A LICENSED APPLICATOR, THE LANDLORD SHALL NOT USE ANY PEST CONTROL TECHNIQUES THAT CONSTITUTE MITIGATION AND SHALL USE FOR MITIGATION A PEST CONTROL APPLICATOR WHO IS LICENSED PURSUANT TO TITLE.”  This proposed provision would have legally eliminated unlicensed and untrained property owners, or their agents from treating bed bugs themselves and thus potentially limiting exposing tenants to harmful over the counter pesticides and off label application techniques. 

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Do It Yourself Bed Bug Treatments

DSC_0524_2The DIY approach to life is great for a sense of personal achievement and for preserving your hard-earned dollars.  It works if you want to make your own pillows, candles, or window treatments, for instance. But Do-It-Yourself and imitation bed bug heat treatments and services might end up costing you big time in the long run.  Why?

Take a look at many recent news stories about bed bugs and you’ll see numerous accounts of DIY and cheap imitation bed bug removal company’s attempts and services gone very wrong – from extreme and over-the-top pesticide use with toxicity high enough to send Fido to the vet – to house or apartment fires that developed after the the do-it-yourselfer or fly by night pest heat service used inappropriate heat sources and or techniques in an attempt to kill these parasitic insects.

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