Humans have been trying to eliminate bed bugs for 100’s of years.  We have tried many different elimination methods, some of which have almost proven successful. But, over the years we have learned another lesson; bed bugs are extremely hardy and adaptable.  Traditionally exterminators have used chemical treatments to kill the bugs.  While this worked for many years, bed bugs have since developed a resistance to these chemicals and continued to thrive.  With every new chemical substance that we introduce into our bed bug arsenal, not only do bed bugs evolve, we also damage the environment in the process.  Here are some of the dangers that pesticides pose to our health and the health of our environment:

Dangers to You and Your Family

  • Chemicals are proven to cause skin irritation, allergic reaction, breathing problems and nerve damage.
  • Some chemicals used in extermination methods are also believed to be linked to many kinds of cancer.
  • Children that are exposed to chemical treatments are twice as likely to develop brain cancer.
  • Pesticides can cause infertility and birth defects.
  • Studies have shown an increased risk for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity when exposed to chemical treatments over an extended time.
  • Pesticides are extremely poisonous and have been linked to over 80 poisonings in the US.

 Dangers to the Planet

  • Pesticide use can damage agricultural land and soil health.
  • Weakened root systems and plant immune systems are also a result of pesticide use. These chemicals can be carried through the air and effect plants near the extermination site.
  • Reduced air quality and increased pollution is also a huge concern when pesticides are used.

Bed Bug infestations don’t need to result in dangerous chemical treatments; and as we have seen through history, chemical treatments don’t work that well anyway.  The fact that the chemical treatments aren’t as effective as they used to be also means that the process is often repeated multiple times, resulting in more pollution and dangers to your health.  AZEX is working to solve the problem by offering the revolutionary Steri-Heat process.  The Steri-Heat process can eliminate bugs and IMPROVE the air quality in your home or business.  Bed bugs are killed using heat and the air is filtered during the process in just 8 – 12 hours.  Treatments are usually only applied once and no chemicals are required.  While many exterminators are still dumping chemicals into homes and business around the country, you can count on AZEX to keep you, your family, and your business safe.

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