Bed bugs – just two little words that strike fear into the hearts of business and home owners alike.  A bed bug infestation can mean countless hours lying awake at night, missed business opportunities, and risk of lawsuit…..but it doesn’t have to. Bed bug exterminators have found a way to get rid of bed bugs in a quick and eco-friendly way without the use of chemicals.  AZEX Pest Solution extensive experience using the AZEX Heat process to kill bed bugs is changing the way we kill bed bugs in Arizona.

HeaterUsing AZEX Heat process to eradicate bed bugs is a relatively new and effective technology in the war against bed bugs.  In the past 8 years exterminators, such as AZEX Pest Solutions, have been perfecting the science and using the best equipment to heat hotel rooms, inns, homes, and offices with great success.  The science is simple.  Bed bugs are extremely susceptible to heat!  A bed bug can withstand temperatures up to 113 °F, but slowly die at around 115 ° F. [1]  In order to prevent bed bugs from migrating to another room when the heat gets too high, heat exterminators use quick high heat to kill bugs instantly. By heating a room to 140 °-160° F quickly the bed bugs don’t have a chance to escape.

The advantages of an AZEX Heat treatment are simple. AZEX Heat provides a quick, one time treatment that lasts about 6-8 hours from start to finish.  AZEX Heat is able to permeate the entire room, including hard to reach areas such as cracks in the walls, inside furniture and other cracks and crevices where bed bugs like to hide. The treatment kills bed bugs at all stages of life, including tiny eggs. The eco-friendly process doesn’t require the use of dangerous poison to be spread around the area.

Both processes are easy and require little preparation beforehand.  To prepare a room for a heat treatment there are a few simple steps that should be taken.  First all heat sensitive objects should be removed from the room, that includes candles, pets, aerosol cans, flammable cleaners or chemicals and any food items that could melt  Second the furniture should be moved away from the walls about 6 inches and all of the doors and drawers opened. That’s it!  There is no need to remove bedding or electronics from the room.  The heat professional will further prepare the room by sealing the windows, doors and vents to hold in the heat.

Renewable warranty sealAfter the process the room can remain closed to prolong the heat treatment by allowing the room to cool slowly.  After the room has cooled all bedding should be washed and dried along with curtains and other linens.  A general cleaning of the area is also advised.  Some professional exterminators will offer a follow up visit to be sure that all bed bugs have been eradicated.  The best exterminators will bring in a K-9 detection team to search the area to confirm that all bed bugs have been killed.  AZEX Pest Solutions not only offers K-9 detection, as well as a  renewable lifetime extended warranties for all bed bug services.

And that’s it, the bed bugs are gone and you can go back to sleeping soundly and/or filling hotel rooms!  If you have questions regarding any of the processes discussed in this article please call AZEX Pest Solutions today and see if heat treatments are right for your bed bug problem.  AZEX can be reached at 877-445-2847 or visit their website at