Finding pests in our homes is extremely frustrating, especially if it’s not immediately obvious how they got in. Fortunately, pest-proofing your Arizona home isn’t difficult. There are some simple changes you can make to pest-proof your home not only for the fall, but all year round.


10 Tips to Pest Proof Your Arizona Home

1. Add Screens

Install screen doors and windows on all of your exterior openings, not forgetting about any ventilation points. It is recommended to use 20 mesh as this will keep out all but the particularly tiny pests, you then just need to ensure they are kept in good repair.


2. Improve the Base of All Exterior Doors

Make sure to install door sweeps on all of your exterior doors and check that the door threshold (the strip of wood or metal at the bottom of a door frame) of each door is in great condition. If you can see light coming from underneath a door, even a little, pests will be able to get in. Garage doors can be fitted with a brush or rubber door sweep and sliding doors can be sealed using foam weather stripping to line the bottom track.


3. Reseal Doors

Inspect the sides and top of all of your doors for gaps. If you find a crack, reseal it yourself or have a handyman come and make sure everything is as water-tight and air-tight as possible.


4. Fill Any Cracks

Check for cracks around doors, windows, and on fascia boards. If you find small cracks these can easily be sealed with a silicone sealant. Silicone sealants last longer than most other sealants as it is effectively able to expand and contract as weather temperatures change.


5. Install a Pet Door

If you often leave a door open so your pets can come and go from the yard as they please, consider installing a cat flap or doggie door. This way, you won’t be leaving the door (literally) wide open for pests.


6. Seal Openings to Utilities

Even the smallest holes can be the perfect entry point for many pests. This includes exterior entry points of wires, pipes, faucets, vents, and gas meters. Make sure you clean the area as best you can, removing any peeling material before you fill with a good quality sealant to ensure that it will last as long as possible.


7. Stay Up-to-Date on Your Pest Control

Simply staying up-to-date on your regular pest control, such as getting bed bug heat treatments or having a professional check for signs of termites, will help you keep your home or business pest-free year round. They’ll also spot any potential issues so you can fix them before pests find their way inside.


8. Store Food in Airtight Containers

It is important that you store as much food as possible in airtight containers, not forgetting about pet food! Even jars allow certain small pests access as they can simply follow the thread of the screw top lid if it’s not tightened sufficiently. It is also advisable to keep as much food as possible in the refrigerator or freezer as they have unsuitable conditions for pests.


9. Keep Your Home and Yard as Clean as Possible

You may not always have time or may feel too tired to clean up after yourself and your family every night, but it is vital that you clean up all crumbs and wash all dishes (including your pets’!) before going to bed as any food residue is very attractive to pests. Don’t forget to distance piles of yard trimmings as pests will quickly call them home.


10. Take the Garbage Out Regularly

This may seem like an obvious one, but simply by emptying your garbage can into your sealed, outside dumpster every day you can really help you to reduce pests’ attraction to your home.


With these top 10 pest-proofing tips for fall, you can work towards creating a bug-free home all year round! If you follow these tips and still find your Arizona home is subject to pests, we – AZEX Pest Solutions – can control those pests in a safe and environmentally responsible way so that you can feel comfortable once again!