In the Prescott/Phoenix area the AZEX technicians are constantly dealing with the “fear factor” of some bugs.  Some pests are just “scarier” than other, which of course is very subjective and may or may not mean that these bugs/pests are dangerous.  Here we take a quick look at each of these pests and evaluate if they are actually dangerous and what you should do if you spot of these creatures.

#5:  Rats and Mice


A rat or mouse sighting, especially if it is in your home can be extremely un-nerving for many people.  These rodents have the capability of carrying diseases and other pests, like fleas which does make them fairly dangerous to have around.  Many people are aware that the Bubonic Plague was spread by rats carrying infected fleas which adds to the “fear factor” of these rodents.  While this is less of a threat today, rats and mice are still a very unhealthy problem to have around your home.  If you think you have a rat or mouse problem call AZEX and we will do an inspection and provide a treatment plan to kill all the rats/mice.


#4: Bed Bugs

Bed bug

If you have ever had, or known anyone that had a bed bug infestation you know that these nasty blood suckers can be an extremely frustrating and anxiety causing experience.  People that have lived with extreme cases of bed bug infestation have even been diagnosed with PTSD after the experience. While their bites pose little danger, other than the occasional allergic reaction, the emotional and physical strain they put on a person makes them dangerous. Loss of sleep causes most of the health issues associated with bed bugs and can be quite serious if the problem in not dealt with in a timely manner.  Azex Pest Solutions offer a highly effective bed bug elimination service that can kill all the bed bugs in your home in just 1 day.  To schedule a bed bug inspection and heat treatment call AZEZ today!

#3: Black Widows

spider 2

This spider is widely known and easily identified due to the red hourglass shape that appears on the belly of the otherwise black insect.  While black widows rarely bite humans unless disturbed their bite is very painful and can cause nausea, vomiting, muscle or stomach cramps, high blood pressure, fever, chills, and sweating.  Spiders can be killed by regularly scheduling preventative sprays of the exterior/interior of your home.  Azex also offers a variety of services to kill spiders and other residential pests.  Call for more info.

#2: Tarantulas


Even though most people know that there is no logical reason to fear tarantulas, the sight of a huge harry spider with fangs often makes people run the other way.  Tarantulas are actually natures pest control techs.  They eat pretty much all spiders and other household pests and pose little danger to humans.  Tarantulas usually only bite if pressure is applied to their back and even then the sting has been compared to a bee sting with minimal swelling and itching around the bite.  Of course the occasional allergic reaction may occur in some people, but this is pretty rare.

#1: Scorpions


Scorpions are scary insects, and unfortunately there are facts to back up the fear in this case.  Scorpions stings can cause many health difficulties including difficulty breathing, muscle twitching, unusual head, neck and eye movements, drooling, sweating, nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure, high heart rate, and restlessness.  On top of all those symptoms there is a chance of allergic reaction which can cause anaphylaxis and can sometimes be life-threatening.  AZEX is experienced in dealing with the occasional scorpion sighting or the out-of-hand infestation.  Call us today for a specialized inspection and quote for treatment.

No matter what your bug fear is or what insect problem you have around your home or business AZEX is here to SOLVE it for you.

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