AZEX Pest Solutions is your local resource to pest control. Whether you have issues with rodents or insects, our professional staff are here to help. With offices in Phoenix and Prescott, we are here for everyone in Arizona! Our services include a wide variety of Pest Control services; even a few that you have never heard of!

Bed Bug K-9 Detection Services

Bed bugs are not the friendliest of conversations or the friendliest of housemates; this is why AZEX Pest Solutions attacks the issue from multiple angles to ensure that you are living in a safe bed-bug-free home! Bed bugs are tricky and professional service is always recommended when you have an infestation. AZEX Pest Solutions tackles bed-bugs in unique ways to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your home or business is bed-bug free! One service that the experts at AZEX Pest Control use is K-9 Bed Bug Detection. Our trained K-9 employees can sniff out bed bugs from places that people are unable to find them. Our dogs are certified and will get you the results you need faster and more accurately than their two-legged counterparts.

Same Day Bee Removal Services

While we all know that bees play a vital role in our ecosystem, having a swarm on your property is not an ideal situation. The professional team at AZEX pest control offer environmentally friendly bee removal services. It can be dangerous for both you and the bees to attempt DIY swarm removal and relocation; which is why it is always recommended that you seek out professional help. If you have bees that need to be removed and relocated, contact AZEX Pest Solutions and trust that our experts will provide safe and environmentally friendly bee removal services.

Humane Pigeon Control

It may seem inevitable that some areas are plagued with a large pigeon population, but this does not have to be something that you settle with as part of your daily lives. For residential and commercial pigeon removal AZEX Pest Solutions has multi-steps processes to humanely remove the birds, clean up and decontaminate the effects areas, and eliminate future infestations. For commercial properties, AZEX knows the ins and outs of compliance issues that may arise and can help you to navigate through the red tape.


K-9 Bed Bug detection, humane bee removal, and humane pigeon control are just a few of the many services offered by the team at AZEX Pest Solutions. For all of your pest control needs; contact AZEX Pest Solutions at 866-605-9270 or start by setting up an appointment with one of our expert technicians today!