If there’s one thing Arizona is not short of, it’s pests. The climate we love is what also draws rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, termites, bees, and wasps, we can also have problems with spiders and scorpions. That’s quite a list, and there’s not a single pest on that list you’d want to share your home with.

The problem is the same thing that attracts us to our homes is also what attracts them. Shelter, a cooler or heated environment, food and water are all great reasons for them to try and find their way inside.

So, how do you keep them out when they’re looking for a way in all year round?

How to Avoid Attracting Pests

The first step in keeping your Arizona home pest-free year-round is to stay up to date on your home maintenance. Here are some tips to ensure you don’t accidentally attract pests to your home:

  • Make sure you clean up any leftover food if you eat outside and try to keep trash can lids properly closed
  • Avoid standing water outside – if you have an external faucet that’s dripping, make sure you get it fixed so it doesn’t attract pests close to your home (if you like to provide water for birds and wildlife, make sure it’s near the back of your yard)
  • Eliminate cracks and gaps in your home – bugs and rodents like to keep out of sight so if you fill cracks and gaps they won’t be able to enter your home. This is rarely a problem in new builds but can need constant supervision in older properties
  • Tidy up yard cuttings when you do yard work – it can be tempting to leave the tidy pile of leaves behind when you’re hot and tired of doing yard work, but its best to go the extra mile and move them further away from your home to avoid attracting pests that will want to live in it or eat the insects that do

How to Keep Your Home Pest-Free Year Round

As we touched on earlier, besides doing the above, there’s little you can do to avoid attracting pests entirely – they’re simply interested in your home. The best way to ensure you’re not about to have a pest problem is to get bi-monthly or quarterly inspections, especially if you live in an older home that’s more prone to developing little nooks and crannies where pests can find a home.

Spotted Pests? We’re Here to Help

We’re AZEX Pest Solutions based here in Arizona, and we’re dedicated to keeping your home pest-free. We offer services that include monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly pest elimination plans tailored just for you and your needs. Usually, we recommend bi-monthly exterior perimeter treatments and cobweb removal with targeted action when necessary. The two most important things in pest control are:

  1. Early detection
  2. Early elimination of the problem

Our residential and commercial CAP programs give you peace of mind that your home or workplace is pest-free – always. To find out more, click here.