A recent article published in a Hollywood newspaper outlined a terrible tale of a severe bed bug infestation that plagued a senior assisted living facility, which ultimately resulted in a $15,000 fine. A pest control company found over 4,000 live bed bugs in the 20 room facility, which was recorded in the state records.  The deeply disturbing infestation was left untreated for an extended time, most likely months on end, which allowed it to grow into an extreme level.  A local exterminator was able to solve the problem and the facility will remain open.  State officials required the resignation of one of the owners.

Stories like this are becoming commonplace as government cracks down on bed bugs!  Here are some other stories of BIG FINES because of negligent business owners and tenants with bed bug issues.

In Chicago, city council members passed ordinances that allow fines of up to $1,000 a day against landlords who fail to take the required steps to eradicate a bed bug infestation.  The fines have no limit as to how long they can be collected as long as the bed bug problem is not handled properly.  Chicago is one of the most bed bug infested cities in the U.S. and the City of Chicago takes all bed bug sightings very seriously.  The proposed ordinance has been in effect since 2013 and places responsibility on both landlords and tenants in bed bug related issues.  If any person is found in violation of the ordinance put in place they may be fines $300-$1,000 per day for each offense.

In Concord, Massachusetts property owners who ignore bed bugs face steep fines.  Once a bed bug complaint has been made a code enforcement office will mail a notice to the property owner giving them 30 days to hire a pest professionals and solve the problem.  If the owner does not respond within 10 days, code enforcement will send a representative to inspect the apartment.  The city will notify the owner of any bed bug activity and fines could start at $100 and increate to $500 for each citation.  There are also numerous inspection fees and other fines that could be charged to the property owner.  In 2016 an estimates $175,000 additional city revenue was collected due to bed bug fines.

Albany city lawmakers backed an ordinance on 2016 that requires residents to wrap all bed bug infested trash in plastic bags, or face fines up to $325.  Supporters of the ordinance called it “reasonable steps” in order to protect the city sanitation workers from having bed bugs constantly trying to “hitch a ride” home with them after work. Many landlords are complaining about the ordinance that will ultimately hold them responsible for tenants garbage.  The ordinance passed after only one revision was removed that would have required all mattresses and box springs, whether infested or not to be wrapped.  New York has a similar requirement.


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