While most residents in Arizona know that summer is the prime time for bug activity, native Arizonians know that unfortunately summer isn’t the only season when bug issues arise.  AZEX Pest Solutions wants to help keep you pest free all year round. Here are a few monthly tips that you can do to help keep bugs away for all of 2017! 

January – March

termiteStart the new year by searching your home inside and out for any signs of termite activity.  Also check for any possible problem areas where bees, scorpions, or black widows could breed or get inside your home.  Pests thrive in any dark area where a little moisture builds up.  Be sure that your landscaping is graded away from the house and that water from the hose and drainage can drain away from the foundation of your home.  This time of year is the best time to prevent infestations and clean up the yard in the cool weather.  If you find any termite activity call us right away to set up a year-round action plan to keep your home safe from these destructive bugs.



beeSince the temperatures haven’t gotten above the 100’s yet for most of the state this makes it the perfect time of year to check all of your doors and windows for broken screens and to caulk any openings to seal out pests like scorpions and spiders.  If you see bugs inside it might be best to schedule a pest spray to prevent any other pests from coming in.  Residents of Arizona also know as the weather warms up, so does bee activity. Africanized bees are very aggressive and have been known to kill pets and put humans in the hospital after their attacks.  For this reason, it is important to contact AZEX for any bee removal as soon as you discover a hive near your home.  DO NOT DISTERB THE BEES!



scorpionThese months mark the hottest part of the year for Arizona, as well as the monsoon season which can wash away any outdoor pest control treatments that have been applied.  This is the time to schedule a re-spray for pests.  The heat also making scorpions very active during this time.  For extreme scorpion infestations heat treatments may be applied to your home to kill the bugs. For more summer bug info visit http://azexpest.com/summer-bug-problems-solved-with-azex/




bedbug cimex 5Finally, a break from the HOT weather arrives and some pests will begin reduce their activity…. But don’t let your guard down!  Continue looking for any areas that bugs can get into your home and schedule treatments as needed. Some year-round insects to look for are termites and bed bugs.  Bed Bugs can be “picked up” any time of year, especially during travel.  Be sure to take proper precautions when traveling to avoid bringing home unwanted pests.  If you do come home after the holidays with a bed bug problem, don’t hesitate to call AZEX right away.  We offer super effective heat treatments that will solve your bed bug problem in as little as 8 hours.


For all your year-round pest related needs call AZEX Pest Solutions! We can be reached at (877) 445-2847 and more info about our services can be found at http://azexpest.com/blog/.